Val's program was amazing! it was so easy to follow and I saw results! She helped me to feel so much better and lose unhealthy weight I had been holding on to for months. Her program taught me correct portioning and helped me not over eat while still eating delicious food, I never felt like I was dieting. Eating correctly for my body made a huge difference in my energy levels and my confidence. I'm so thankful to Val for teaching me the tools I can use for a healthier lifestyle.

Chelsea J.


2 weeks into my meal plan, I began to feel much leaner. With Valerie's guidance and proper nutrition, I was able to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I feel better than ever.

Daniel G.


Vals program was a much need lifestyle change. It was hard for me to get back into dieting and exercising until I started this program. Every week I had multiple opinions for meals which kept me from getting bored no week was the same. Which kept me looking forward to each meal. Her at home work outs really made me gain new confidence everyday. I never felt like I couldn’t accomplish the day that was set out before me. I feel like it taught me discipline and gave my something to push for to get the results I wanted. I recommend this program to anyone struggling to start a healthier lifestyle and want to lose unwanted pounds and build confidence

Jenn M.